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If you wish to legally change your name, or your children's names, you can use the Deed Poll process, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of people for over 150 years.

By Deed Poll, you can officially change any part or all of your name.  For example, you can change your forenames, surname (or both), add names, remove names, change the spelling of your names or rearrange your existing forenames. You can change your name by Deed Poll as often as you want, at any time and for any reason provided it is not for deceptive or fraudulent purposes.

UK Deed Poll Service, Freebournes Court, Witham, Essex, CM8 2BL.Applying for your Deed Poll could not be easier.  You can apply online, by post, by telephone or call in to our offices at Freebournes Court, Witham, Essex where you can collect or drop off your application forms or use our one-hour premium service.  Please click on this link for further details.

Our Deed Polls are accepted by all United Kingdom government departments including the UK Passport Service and the DVLA.We are the main issuer of Deed Polls in the United Kingdom, consequently our Deed Poll documents are accepted by all UK government departments, companies and organisations to enable you to get all your documents and records reissued or changed to your new name including your UK passport, driving licence, bank account and credit cards, tax and National Insurance records etc.*

Please click on any link in the contents table (left) to find out more about changing your name by Deed Poll. If after reading our articles you have any unanswered questions about changing your name please e-mail us.

Please note, dealing with us direct means you do not need to visit a solicitor.

* A Deed Poll will not get your birth, marriage or decree absolute certificate changed. It is also not possible to get permanent records changed such as past examination certificates. There are some circumstances that enable you to get a birth certificate amended or reissued thereby avoiding the need for a Deed Poll. Please read Can a birth certificate be changed? for further information.

Procedure and how to apply

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